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You have finally found a reliable and affordable Freelance Editor you can depend on. 

Do you have a manuscript that needs editing or proofreading?

Would you like to increase your marketable value?

Would you like to grow as a writer? Do you need motivating and inspiring input?

Our services will be beyond measure to you by providing thorough editing services and more so you will have more time to write an build your brand. 

Our areas of expertise include:

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  • Content Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Proofreading/ Copy Editing
  • Self-publishing Services
  • Typing (handwritten manuscripts)


Get your Novella edited for $175 

For all other special please feel out the contact form about specific manuscript size specials.


Are you struggling with branding and Author  identity?

Our service go beyond just editing. We’re here for the total Author experience. From either creating to building your Author Brand to Promotion. Understand there is a difference between knowing who you are and what people perceive you as. We help you get everyone on one accord. Your brand story is who you want the world to see as in regards to your Author Brand. You have to live it and love it.

A distinct author brand acts as a guide by which you position and gauge all your activities, objectives and goals. And, from your readers’ perspective, your author brand highlights the experience of your writing and creates a memorable encounter that ideally they’ll seek out again and again.

If done correct, a powerful brand will build your reputation as an author and assure your success.

Advertising & Promotion

Having trouble getting your book to potential customers and your brand noticed?

We offer Advertising and Promotion Services for Authors. Advertising is a controlled medium where you decided who your target market is and where to find them. Advertising and Promotion creates awareness, an aspect that is very important in building your brand. Advertising and Promotion adds credibility and amplifies everything else you're doing. 






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