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Born and raised in Michigan, Marie Jordan being the oldest of two girls, seem to always find herself tucked away in her room lost in another world within a book. From an early age she loved to read. For her it’s the beauty in the expression of the words and the songs that the sentences sing to her as she reads. Beginning with her first book collection “The Babysitters Club” she has admired literature and the creation of it. Whether writing a short story, blog, poetry or a research paper in college; reading and the craft of writing has always been her passion. So inevitably her career path would lead her to become an editor. It’s the best of both worlds Marie gets the opportunity to meet other creative people, read their works and help them share it with the world.

To her credit Marie is a published author. The Host/Producer of a popular blogtalk radio show, Mentor and Coach. She is the managing editor for a major publishing house the non fiction division. Marie has been editing for over a decade even while working towards her Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She also has a degree in English. Publishers she’s worked with include Black Books Publishing, INC, For his Glory and JustJae Presents. Marie is also a member of the EFA – Editorial Freelancers Association. She started her own editing company in the summer of 2011, named Freelance Writer Chick, LLC. Freelance Writer Chick was the perfect name for her, seeing as though she was being hired by businesses and individuals to write things for them. Being an editor was a natural progression from being a reader and writer because of her analytical mind and eye for details she can’t help but critique as she reads anything. So the journey begins…She has been a creative writer and poet for over 20 years. Marie is currently writing her own book to be published in 2017. When Marie is not editing or writing, she coaches. 


Jeffiah "JustJae" Warner wears many hats, she's a Mother, Author, Publisher, Host and Typist. In addition to being the mother of two and working full time, she has so many accomplishments. Her first novella was released in April of 2015 and shortly rose to an Amazon best seller in July of that same year. Since then she has released 7 other works of her own and started an up and coming publishing company which has over 15 released publishings. She co-host a popular Blogtalk Radio show and works with a close friend and partner on a typing and editing company for literary projects. In her spare time she manages to help hopeful authors self publish. 


With over 10 years experience between them in the industry know that you will be getting the best customer service.